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01. Big Thing (Nocymb)
02. I Don't Want Your Love
03. All She Wants Is
04. Too Late Marlene
05. Drug (It's Just A State Of Mind)
06. Do You Believe In Shame?
07. Palomino
08. Interlude One
09. Land
10. Flute Interlude
11. The Edge Of America
12. Lake Shore Driving
13. I Believe / All I Need To Know
14. God (London)
15. This Is How A Road Gets Made

All tracks by Taylor, Rhodes, Le Bon.

Produced by Duranduran, Jonathan Elias and Daniel Abraham.

Recorded and mixed by Daniel Abraham. Other mixes by Steve Peck, Joe Dworkniak and Duncan Bridgeman.

Musicians: Jonathan Elias, Steve Ferrone, Marc Chantereau, Warren Cuccurullo, Daniel Abraham, Chester Kamen, Louis Cesar Ewande, Stan Harrison, Patrick Bourgoin, Mac Gollehon, Glenn Ferris, David Tofani, Janiece Jamison, Carole Fredericks, Yvonne Jones and Beckie Bell.

Designed by Hans Arnold. Photographs by Virginia Liberatore.