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01. Is There Something I Should Know
02. The Reflex
A View To A Kill
04. Ordinary World
05. Save A Prayer
06. Rio
07. Hungry Like The Wolf
08. Girls On Film
09. Planet Earth
10. Union Of The Snake
11. New Moon On Monday
12. The Wild Boys
13. Notorious
14. I Don't Want Your Love
15. All She Wants Is
16. Electric Barbarella
17. Serious
18. Skin Trade
19. Come Undone

'Planet Earth', 'Girls On Film', Hungry Like The Wolf', 'Save A Pryaer', 'Rio', 'Is There Something I Should Know?', 'Union Of The Snake', 'New Moon On Monday', 'The Reflex' and 'The Wild Boys' written by Taylor, Taylor, Taylor, Rhodes, LeBon.
'A View To A Kill' written by Taylor, Taylor, Taylor, Rhodes, Le Bon, Barry.
'Notorious', 'Skin Trade', 'I Don't Want Your Love' and 'All She Wants Is' written by Taylor, Rhodes, LeBon.
'Serious' written by Taylor, Rhodes, LeBon, Cuccurullo, Campbell.
'Ordinary World' and 'Come Undone' written by Taylor, Rhodes, LeBon, Cuccurullo.
'Electric Barbarella' written by Rhodes, Cuccurullo, LeBon.

Co-ordination & compilation: Nigel Reeve.
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