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01. Violence Of Summer
      (Love's Taking Over)
02. Liberty
03. Hothead
04. Serious
05. All Along The Water
06. My Antarctica
7. First Impression
08. Read My Lips
09. Can You Deal With It
10. Venice Drowning
11. Downtown
12. Yo Bad Azizi

All tracks written by Taylor, Rhodes, Le Bon, Cuccurullo, Campbell.

Produced by Chris Kimsey in association with Duran Duran.
Engineered by Christopher Marc Potter. Assistanat Engineer: Michael Bulterworth.

Musicians: John Jones, Spike Edney, Stan Harrison, Luis Jardin, Roddy Lorimar, Bernard Fowler, Carol Kenyon and Tessa Niles.

Photography by Ellen Von Unwerth. Calligraphy by Ruth Rowland.
Designed at Icon London, Los Angeles.