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01. Someone Else Not Me
02. Lava Lamp
03. Playing With Uranium
04. Hallucinating Elvis
05. Starting To Remember
06. Pop Trash Movie
07. Fragment
08. Mars Meets Venus
09. Lady Xanax
10. The Sun Doesn't Shine Forever
11. Kiss Goodbye
12. Last Day On Earth
13. Prototypes
14. Alguien que no soy yo
15. Un autre que moi

All tracks written by Rhodes, Le Bon, Cuccurullo except Pop Trash Movie, written by Rhodes, Cuccurullo.

Produced by TV Mania in association with Syn Productions.
Engineered by Mark Tinley and Ken Scott. Programming: Mark Tinley. Mixes by Chris Lord-Alge, Ken Scott and TV Mania. String Arrangements: David Campbell.

Musicians: John Tonks, Steve Alexander, Greg Bissonette, Luis Conte, Guy Farley and Sally Boyden.

Art Direction: Duran Duran and Andrew Day.

Prototypes consists of the following sounds: Ring Back (Not Engaged) · Stromo vs. Retibol · Virus · A Higher Voice · GM Virus · Piece Of Mind · Archibaldo's Favourite Toy · Ocean Of Sound · Reprints · Wire Tap · Thick Skin · Missing Link · A Walk In The Park