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01. White Lines
02. I Wanna Take You Higher
03. Perfect Day
04. Watching The Detectives
05. Lay Lady Lay
06. 911 Is A Joke
07. Success
08. Crystal Ship
09. Ball Of Confusion
10. Thank You
11. Drive By
12. I Wanna Take You Higher Again
13. Needle And The Damage Done
14. Diamond Dogs

Written by: 01 (Glover, Robinson), 02 (Stewart), 03 (Reed), 04 (Costello), 05 (Dylan), 06 (Shocklee, Sadler, Drayton), 07 (Pop, Bowie, Gardner), 08 (The Doors), 09 (Whitfield, Strong), 10 (Page, Plant), 11 (Duran Duran), 12 (Stewart), 13 (Young) & 14 (Bowie).

Produced by Duran Duran except tracks 05 & 12 produced by Duran Duran and John Jones.
Engineering by Ken Scott, John Jones, Tony Taverner, Avril McCintosh and Steve Churchyard.

Musicians: Steve Ferrone, Terry Bozio, Tony Thompson, Roger Taylor, Abe laborial Jr., Anthony J. Resta, Grand Master Flash and The Furious Five, Mele Mel, Lamya, Curtis King, Tessa Niles, Maxanne Lewis, Mark Volman, Howard Kaylan, Lee Oskar, Jonathan Elias, Bruce Dukov, Ron Folsom, Armen Garabedian, Henry Ferber, Berj Garabedian, Joy Lyle, Michelle Kikuchi-Richards, Maria Newman, Pamela Goldsmith, Scott Haupert and Suzi Katayama.

Art direction by Duran Duran and Eric Roinstad. Photos by Ellen Von Unwerth.